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Bristol Electrosynthesis Meeting 2023
School of Chemistry, University of Bristol
3 April 2023

12:30 - 17:30

Supported by

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Organic Electrosynthesis is a rapidly growing field of research, offering great advantages over traditional synthesis in terms of sustainability and reactivity. Electrosynthetic methods offer a green alternative to stoichiometric redox reagents, and the ability to tune the applied potential has proven to be a powerful tool for the development of new synthetic methods.


The Bristol Electrosynthesis Meeting 2023 (BE23) is the second annual gathering for the synthetic electrochemistry community. It will be held in person at the University of Bristol School of Chemistry on 3rd April 2023 and will feature an afternoon of two plenary speakers supported by talks from early career researchers and postgraduate students.

We are able to make Bristol Electrosynthesis Meeting free to attend in 2023 thanks to the support of the University of Bristol, Merck, and IKA. The final registration deadline for the event is 19th March 2023.

Bristol Electrosynthesis precedes the Bristol Synthesis Meeting on the following day (4th April). This is a separate event. Details and registration for this can be found here.

Plenary Speakers

Song Lin Pic.png

Song Lin

Cornell University

Song Lin obtained his B.S degree from Peking University in 2008 before moving to Harvard University to conduct his graduate studies (M.A. and Ph.D.) under the supervision of Eric Jacobsen. Following this he moved to the University of California, Berkely in 2013 as a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Christopher Chang. Song then began his independent career at Cornell in 2016 and was promoted to associate professor in 2021. In this short time he has already published over 50 papers and won numerous awards including the National Fresenius Award. Much of his work focuses on the development of novel electrochemical reactivity and spans across the areas of electrocatalysis, reductive electrochemistry and electrophotocatalysis.


Louis Morrill

Cardiff University

Louis Morrill obtained his MChem from the University of St. Andrews in 2010 completing his masters research in the group of Andrew Smith. He then remained in the Smith group for his Ph.D. which he completed in 2014. He then moved to the group of Richmond Sarpong at the University of California, Berkely as a postdoctoral research associate. In 2015 he moved to Cardiff University to begin his independent research career where he remains and is currently a senior lecturer in synthetic organic chemistry. The focus of his research is on the invention of new reactions in organic chemistry and the integration of electrochemistry to this process.














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Plenary Lecture - Dr Louis Morrill, Cardiff University

Electrochemical Functionalization of Cycloalkanols and Alkenes

ECR Presentation - Hamish Stephen, AstraZeneca

Challenges and considerations when scaling up electrochemistry in the pharmaceutical sector

ECR Presentation - Tsz-Kan Ma, Imperial College London

Electrochemical Radical Reactions of Alkyl Iodides

Sponsor Presentations - IKA and Merck

Tea and Coffee Break

ECR Presentation - Mickaël Avanthay, University of Bristol

A practical and metal free counter-electrode process for electrochemical reduction

ECR Presentation - Rojan AliCardiff University

Flow Electrochemistry for the N-Nitrosation of Secondary Amines

Introduction to the Electrosynthesis Exchange

Plenary Lecture - Professor Song LinCornell University

Electrochemistry as an enabling tool for reaction discovery

Closing Remarks and Wine Reception

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