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Bristol Electrosynthesis 2024 Timetable

12:30 Registration Opens

13:00 Welcome

13:05 Plenary Lecture

          Prof Thomas Wirth, (University of Cardiff)

          Does Electrochemistry need Electrons?

13:50 Industry Presentation

          Andrei Iosub (Syngenta)

          Establishing an Electrochemistry Platform in Crop Protection Research

14:15 ECR Presentation

          Katie Dowell (Durham University)

          Electrochemical modification of amino acids and peptides

14:35 ECR Presentation

          Feba Pulikkottil (University of Greenwich)

          eFluorination for the Rapid Synthesis of Carbamoyl Fluorides from Oxamic Acids

14:55 Sponsor Presentations

          Asynt, IKA and Merck

15:10 Tea and Coffee Break

15:50 Plenary Lecture

          Robert Francke (LIKAT, Rostock, Germany)

          Concepts for Sustainable Organic Electrosynthesis

16:35 ECR Presentation

          Tribani Boruah (Cardiff University)

          A Greener Approach: Unravelling Mechanistic Insights in Flow Electrochemical P-N coupling              via Cyclic Voltammetry

16:55 ECR Presentation

          Anthony Choi (University of Bristol)

          Advancing Amide Synthesis via Electrochemical C(sp3)–H Benzylic Direct Amidation

17:15 Plenary Lecture

          Professor Hai-Chao Xu, (Xiamen University)

          Molecular Photoelectrocatalysis

18:00 Closing Remarks and Wine Reception

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