6 Mar 2020

Well done to James and Henry for delivering two excellent presentations on their recent work within the group. Congratulations Henry on receiving one of four prizes in the organic and biological section.

25 Feb 2020

Vanessa joins us for 6 weeks from the Bristol Technology

Enhanced Chemical Synthesis CDT. 

5 Feb 2020

Ali is among the top 5% reviewers for Angewandte Chemie in 2019!

3 Feb 2020

If you want to join a young group with high ambitions and conduct cutting-edge research in organic chemistry and organic electrochemistry, then please get in touch. We have funding for 2 PhD studentships.

The advert for one of them can be found here:


29 Jan 2020

Ali shows the rest of the group how to bowl! 

16 Jan 2020

Ali represented Bristol in the RSC Organic Division South West Regional Meeting at Oxford. Martin Eastgate from BMS and Prof. Bernard Golding from Newcastle University received RSC awards and gave fantastic lectures.

6 Jan 2020

Alice joins the Lennox Lab for 6 weeks from the Bristol Technology Enhanced Chemical Synthesis CDT.

5 Dec 2019

Ali was selected to attend a Researcher Links Indo-UK workshop held at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune, India. The workshop brought together potential world-leaders (20 UK and 20 Indian) in the development of new and sustainable ele...

18 Nov 2019

GCL-J’ers reunited at the Automated Synthesis Forum at university of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Ali gave a talk about electrochemical oxidation.

7 Nov 2019

Congratulations Sayad, Alexi, and Henry on their recent publication in Angwandte Chemie titled; Electrochemical Vicinal Difluorination of Alkenes: Scalable and Amenable to Electron‐rich Substrates. 

Read it here.

14 Oct 2019

We welcome MSci project students James Hazell and Henry Caldora to the Group for the year. Welcome and good luck!

7 Oct 2019

We thank the Russell Group for sharing with us for the last few months but we now move to our very own lab!

1 Oct 2019

Dr David Heard joins us after completing his PhD with Professor Chris Willis in Bristol.

23 Sep 2019

The group welcomes two new PhD students Alex Atkins and Sam Deeks, both previously from Bristol. 

5 Aug 2019

Bert Rowett joins the Lennox Group from the Bristol/Bath/Cardiff Catalysis CDT.

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