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Dr Alastair J. J. Lennox

The PI of our group is interested in fundamental reactivity and mechanism in organic chemistry, and exploiting modern innovative technologies, such electrochemistry, to develop new synthetic reactions with a strong focus on sustainability and practicality.

For more information see: CV, AwardsPresentations, Google Scholar, Academic Tree, ORCID

Postdoctoral Researchers

Atul Crop.jpg
Dr. Atul Chaturvedi

Atul graduated with an Msc in Chemistry from the University of Delhi in 2012 and then moved to the CSIR Central Drug Research Institute to pursue his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Namrata Rastogi. His worked focused on metal-free annulations and visible light photo-redox catalysis. Atul then joined the group of Prof. Chandra M. R. Volla at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay as an institutional postdoctoral fellow where he explored transition metal-catalysed C-C and C-Heteroatom bond forming reactions. In 2022 Atul joined the Lennox Lab to investigate fluorination protocols.

Dr. Mohamed Elsherbini

Mohamed graduated with a BSc in chemistry from Mansoura University, Egypt and returned in 2014 to complete his PhD under the supervision of Professors Hanafi Zoorob and Wafaa Hamama on the synthesis of biologically active selenium-containing heterocycles. He was then appointed as a chemistry lecturer at the Saudi Mining Polytechnic before moving to Cardiff in 2016 to join the group of Professor Thomas Wirth to study hypervalent iodine chemistry and enabling technologies in organic synthesis. They later worked in collaboration with Professor Rudolf Allemann to develop preparations of artemisnin under flow conditions. Following this he moved to the University of Huddersfield in 2019 to join Dr Wesley Moran and work on the electrochemical synthesis of iodine compounds. In 2022 Mohamed joined the Lennox Lab to explore new methods for selective electrochemical fluorination.

Alexi Sedikides
Dr. Alexi Sedikides

Alexi graduated from Cardiff University with an MChem before joining the Lennox Lab to do his PhD. His work focussed on developing alkyne fluorination protocols in collaboration with UCB. Upon completion he returned to the Lennox Lab for postdoctoral studies.

Sam Deeks
Samuel Deeks

Sam carried out his MSci project in the Faul lab at the University of Bristol. His PhD project was in developing new materials and reactor designs in collaboration with the Faul group. Upon completion he returned to the Lennox Lab for postdoctoral studies.

PhD Students

Andrew Lacey
Andrew Lacey

Andrew joins the Lennox group after finishing his MChem degree at the University of Warwick. He will conduct computational and experimental investigations into new electrochemical fluorination strategies.

Mickael Group photot.jpg
Mickaël Avanthay

Mickaël completed his undergraduate studies at ETH Zürich and then completed the AstraZeneca R&D graduate program in Sweden before joining the Lennox Lab to investigate reductive electrochemical methods.

Sarah CDT photo.jpg
Sarah Coppock

Sarah joins the Lennox Lab from the Bristol TECS CDT after completing her MChem at Keele University. She is currently working on electrochemical fluorination methodology in collaboration with AstraZeneca.

Charlotte Smith.jpg
Charlotte Smith

Charlotte completed her undergraduate degree in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Loughborough University . She joins the Lennox Lab to develop new photoredox catalysts. 

Stephen S 1:1 resize
Stephen Sweeting

Stephen joins the Lennox Lab having completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Bristol. He completed summer placements and his final year project in the Hall group. Stephen will be developing electrochemical fluorination protocols.

Luke Ward Crop
Luke Ward

Luke completed his MChem at the University of Cardiff where he spent a placement year at Hoffmann La Roche in Basel. Luke then worked at Nanopharm before joining the Lennox Lab where he will focus on developing electrochemical fluorination methodology.

Sultan Abu Aeash

Sultan completed his Bsc in applied chemistry at the Jordan University of Science and Technology before completing an Msc in molecular chemistry at the Université Côte d'Azur, Nice. He joins the Lennox Lab to develop electrochemical fluorination methodology in collaboration with Pfizer.

Harvey Randle.jpg
Harvey Randle

Harvey graduated from St. Anne's College, University of Oxford in 2022. During his final year research project, he worked with Prof. Jeremy Robertson investigating oxonium Diels-Alder reactions of 2 and 3-alkyl substituted cyclopentenones. He joins the Lennox Lab from the TECS CDT to explore fluorination reactions using hypervalent iodine reagents.

abel anthony.jpg
Anthony Abel

Anthony graduated from the University of Leicester in 2021 where he worked with Dr Alexander Pulis on B(C6F5)3-catalysed reactions of anilines with alkenes for his final year project. He then completed a PGCE at Queens' College, University of Cambridge before joining the Lennox Lab via the TECS CDT to explore fluorination methodology.

Tom O'Brien.jpg
Tom O'Brien

Tom completed his MSci at the University of Bristol in 2022, where during his research project he worked on the direct amination of boronic esters in the Aggarwal group. He went on to complete multiple placements in the Lennox Lab and is now doing his PhD in the group where he will be investigating electrode materials for organic electrosynthesis.

Charu Bansal_edited.jpg
Charu Bansal

Charu completed her M.Sc. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India. During her final year, she joined Prof. Sundargopal Ghosh's Lab and worked on activation of small molecules. She has joined the Lennox lab in 2023 to explore C-H  fluorination methods.

Undergraduate Students

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