Career Summary 

2018 – present           Royal Society University Research Fellow

                                    University of Bristol

2015 – 2017                Postdoctoral Research Fellow

                                    University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

                                    Prof. Shannon S Stahl

                                    Development of electrochemical catalytic reactions in collaboration                                        with AbbVie


2014 – 2015                Alexander von Humboldt Fellow

                                    Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (LIKAT), Rostock, Germany

                                    Prof. Matthias Beller

                                    Homo- and heterogeneous photocatalytic water reduction

                                    Visiting researcher: Luo group, ZJUT, Hangzhou, China


2008 – 2013                PhD

                                    University of Bristol

                                    Prof Guy Lloyd-Jones FRS

                                    Thesis: Organotrifluoroborate Preparation, Coupling and Hydrolysis


2004 – 2008                MChem

                                    University of Manchester

                                    Chemistry with Studies in North America (UCLA)

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr David Heard

David graduated with an MChem from the University of Sheffield in 2014, undertaking his final year project with Dr David Williams. David joined the Bristol Chemical Synthesis CDT in 2014, conducting his PhD research into the structural elucidation and total synthesis of maleidride natural products with Prof. Chris Willis. In 2019, David joined the Lennox group and is investigating new methods for reaction optimisation.

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PhD students

Sayad Doobary


Sayad joins the Lennox lab from the Synthesis CDT after an undergraduate degree at Bristol. He is working on the development of novel organic electrochemical fluorination methods in collaboration with GSK

John Box


John conducted an MSci project in the Booker-Milburn lab at the University of Bristol. He spent the summer working at Bayer in Germany, and is developing some electrochemical reduction chemistry.

Alexi Sedikides


Alexi did his undergraduate degree at the University of Cardiff and conducted research with Rudolf Allemann. He is working on alkyne fluorination protocols in collaboration with UCB.

Ellie Stammers


Ellie did her undergraduate degree at the University of York, completing her Masters project at Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel.  She is part of the Bristol Synthesis CDT and is working in collaboration with the Clayden group.

Bert Rowett


Bert joins the Lennox Lab from the Cardiff/Bristol/Bath CDT in Catalysis, having carried out his undergraduate studies at the University of Bristol. He is working on electrochemical α-functionalisation reactions.

Alex Atkins


Alex joins the Lennox group after completing his MSci degree at the University of Bristol and working with Professor Robin Bedford for his final year project. He is currently working on electrochemical fluorination methods in collaboration with Syngenta.

Sam Deeks


Sam carried out his MSci Project in the Faul lab at the University of Bristol. His PhD is in collaboration with the Faul group to develop new materials.

Alice Dean


Alice joins the group from Bristol's TECS CDT after completing her undergraduate studies at the University of East Anglia. Alice will be working on electrochemical fluorination methodology. 

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