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Electrosynthesis Exchange

Welcome to the Electrosynthesis Exchange. Electrochemical synthesis has remerged as a powerful tool in organic synthesis. This growing field is increasingly becoming adopted in both academic and industrial environments. Alongside the novel reactivity enabled by this technique comes an increase in complexity in reaction setup and optimisation. 

The electrosynthesis exchange is intended as a community resource to introduce synthetic chemists to electrochemistry and overcome the learning barrier. The electrosynthesis community has produced a number of helpful resources in the form of reviews and publications that can guide chemists to becoming more familiar with the technique.

On this page you will find a series of tutorial relating to electrosynthesis, from how to do CVs to setting up reactions and parameter selection for reaction optimisation. The site also collates review articles in the subject area. Useful resources for electrode selection and cleaning are also provided, with supplier links and example publications for each material or cleaning technique provided.

As this subject area is ever expanding with exciting new developments being reported all the time, the Electrosynthesis Exchange encourages community engagement to help add to the site and grow it for everyone. We ask those working in the field to submit their reports for inclusion on the site to help increase accessibility to electrochemistry as a synthetic tool.

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