1 Oct 2019

Dr David Heard joins us after completing his PhD with Professor Chris Willis in Bristol.

23 Sep 2019

The group welcomes two new PhD students Alex Atkins and Sam Deeks, both previously from Bristol. 

5 Aug 2019

Bert Rowett joins the Lennox Group from the Bristol/Bath/Cardiff Catalysis CDT.

6 Jun 2019

Congratulations to the Lennox family on the birth of a set of twins! 

3 Jun 2019

Ellie Stammers joins the group as a PhD student from the Bristol Synthesis CDT and is working in collaboration with the Clayden Group.

4 Mar 2019

Jasper comes from the Synthesis CDT and Vlad from the Catalysis CDT for their rotations.  

7 Feb 2019

11 Jan 2019

If you want to join a young group with high ambitions and conduct cutting-edge research in organic chemistry and organic electrochemistry, then please get in touch. We have funding for 2 PhD studentships.  

10 Dec 2018

The group welcomes James Bowen for an 8 week research sabbatical

22 Nov 2018

It was fantastic to Host Ali's former postdoc supervisor in Bristol, Professor Matthias Beller from LIKAT in Rostock, Germany. 

8 Oct 2018

Stan joins the group to conduct an MSci project. He'll be working on some fluorination chemistry in collaboration with Johnson Matthey. 

1 Oct 2018

Tim will be doing an 8 week Research Broadening Sabbatical in the lab. Welcome Tim and good luck! 

24 Sep 2018

Welcome to Alexi and John who start in the group this week. They will be working on some exciting new organic electrochemistry methods in collaboration with UCB and Johnson Matthey. 

17 Sep 2018

We'd like to thank the Booker-Milburn Lab for sharing their lab with us for 9 months. Now we move up to the 4th floor and will share a lab with the Russell group. 

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