Ali was selected to attend a Researcher Links Indo-UK workshop held at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune, India. The workshop brought together potential world-leaders (20 UK and 20 Indian) in the development of new and sustainable electrochemical routes for the production of fuels, chemicals and materials, and provided an environment for developing new research programs that address these challenges (supported by the Newton-Bhabha Fund, British Council and RSC).

GCL-J’ers reunited at the Automated Synthesis Forum at university of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Ali gave a talk about electrochemical oxidation.

Congratulations Sayad, Alexi, and Henry on their recent publication in Angwandte Chemie titled; Electrochemical Vicinal Difluorination of Alkenes: Scalable and Amenable to Electron‐rich Substrates.

Read it here.