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Bristol Electrosynthesis!

On Monday the 4th of April the Lennox Lab welcomed (virtually) members of the electrosynthesis community to the first every Bristol Electrosynthesis meeting. We celebrated some of the work in the electrosynthesis community with exciting plenary lectures by Dr. Charlotte Willans of the University of Leeds and Prof. Shannon Stahl of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They were supported by great postgraduate talks from Jonathan Churchill of the O'Brien group in York as well as Bristol's own Ellie Stammers from the Clayden and Lennox group.

We were also treated to great a great poster session supported by IKA. Congratulations to poster competition winner Albara Elgehani (Morill Group, Cardiff University) for his poster titled, "Electrochemical Deconstructive Functionalization of Cycloalkanols via Alkoxy Radicals Enabled by Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer", and to runner up Hamish Stephens (Willans Group, University of Leeds) for his poster titled, "Steps, Hops and Turns: Effects in Mass Transfer in Electrochemical Flow Reactors".

Thank you to everyone who attended for an afternoon of great entertainment and excellent discussions. We look forward to welcoming you back again next year (hopefully in person)!


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