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Steps to spinning-out!

Congratulations to Sam Deeks, Ali Lennox, and Charl Faul who have been making important steps towards spinning out a company to commercialise their research in 3D printable composites for electrochemical systems - see for more details. 


Sam has spent the past three months traveling the world through a competitively secured spot on the ICURe Explore program, aiming to validate potential markets for their research. Following a presentation of their findings, a panel unanimously agreed that spinning out was the best path to commercialization, leading to their acceptance onto the ICURe Exploit program. ICURe Exploit provides training, support and enables them to apply for up to £300,000 in funding to spin out mixterial.  


To top this off, Sam secured an additional £10k through the University of Bristol’s Runway programme to help kick-start the company!


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